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Who are we ?
Who are we ?

Welcome to the online shop of Marcel Pagnol:


Our online shop is the showcase of 3 family-owned corporations which manage the following aspects of Marcel Pagnol’s work:

«La Compagnie Méditerranéenne de Films» - Mediterranean Movie Corporation - created by Marcel Pagnol in 1944, manages the restoration, the distribution and the production of Marcel Pagnol’s movie collection.

“Les Editions de la Treille» - Treille’s Publishing Corporation - created in 1976, manages the publishing of Marcel Pagnol’s books and writings, as well as the conservation of his manuscripts, correspondence and letters.

«Marcel Pagnol CommunicationCorporation» created in 1993, manages the iconographic background directly related to Marcel Pagnol and to his work. The purpose of this company is to ensure the development of Marcel Pagnol’s image through cultural events and derived products.


Our Products:

All our products are gravitating around the following themes: «Provence » (region situated in the South-East of France), Literature and Classical Cinema.

«Provence »: Through welcoming, warm-hearted and typical characters, Marcel Pagnol managed to get into the heart of spectators from all over the world and as such, he may be considered as one of the region’s most illustrious writer.

Literature: Besides all other activities, Marcel Pagnol remains a great, renowned and celebrated French writer.

The cinema: Marcel Pagnol was one of the first advocate and supporter of speaking - non-silent - film-making. His art had a durable impact on French movie-making history by inspiring Italian Neo-Realism and French «Nouvelle Vague» - New wave.

Please find on our online shop:

DVD’s from Marcel Pagnol’s movie collection, but also other movies (from well-known or not so well-known movie makers) which have seduced us by their quality or their historical relevance.

Books related to Marcel Pagnol’s work and to his life, comic books, games, and generally any product connecting to the themes cherished by this eclectic author.

We certainly hope that our products will bring you entire satisfaction as we proudly take care of their conception and design with great application.


As an example, movies from Marcel Pagnol’s collection have benefited from restorations involving the very latest technologies, some of these restorations requiring over two thousand hours of work.

Our philosophy:

Our goal is to safeguard and to archive the work of Marcel Pagnol so that it can be available to everyone; Researchers or passionates.

This action encompasses several sharp know-how’s and techniques ranging from numerical restoration to dust removal of manuscripts of over 70 years of age as well as automated archiving and storing of old nitrate film stock.

Our will is to offer the best possible treatment to all supports which constitute the artistic heritage of this great author, film-maker and writer in order to make his work perpetual, and to present it to you in optimal conditions.

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